Business Sectors

Businesses from the following sectors may apply to become part of the Dubai Internet City business community:

  • Software - Activities related to developing, installing, and/or modifying software products of their own or of a third party.
  • Internet and Multimedia -¬†Activities related to developing and/or distributing Internet or multimedia content. Other activities may include distributing goods or services via the Internet, such as by providing an online platform¬†and acting as an intermediary between multiple companies or multiple individuals. Additional activities may include providing different applications through a network.
  • Telecommunication and Network - Activities related to developing, installing, modifying, and/or operating networks or providing relevant services designed for operating network-based applications or services. The manufacture of physical components within the zone and direct trading of physical components and products into UAE market is not allowed.
  • IT Service - Activities related to developing, providing standardized, repeatable IT-based services, which may also include security solutions, localization, training and corporate learning.


Service Provider

  • Insurance Service Provider
  • Courier Services
  • Travel Agency



  • Legal Consultants
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • Auditing of Accounts


Regional Head Quarters

  • Marketing Office
  • Representative Office
  • Call Centre


Hotels and Leisure Services
Hotels and serviced apartments licensed in accordance with Decision No. 2 of 2006.

Property Management Services

  • Administration Office
  • Commercial Developer
  • Property Management